We Can Change Our Government

A latinix woman at a podium.Former Green Party Vice Presidential Candidate, Rosa Clemente, said,  "The Green Party is no longer the alternative, the Green Party is the imperative."  Nothing could illustrate that more than what is happening right now in the New York State Senate.  It’s both chaos and gridlock at the same time.  And make no mistake, this isn’t a new thing.  We go through this every year.  Why?  Because those in power know that you believe that you have no choice come election time.  But here’s what they won’t tell you…

You have a choice.

Vote for the imperative.  The corporate propaganda machine will scream at you that you’re “throwing away” your vote.  But let me ask you, do you want single payer?  Reverse climate change?  Equality in pay?  The breaking down of systemic racism? 

Why haven’t these things happened yet? 

There have been times in which the Democrats have been in complete control of the government at every level.  They’ve been in control of the White House & both houses of Congress and little changed.  There has been a Democratic governor with a Democratic led Assembly and Senate.  Nothing.  And in Rochester, there hasn’t been a non-Democrat in office in over 50 years.  Yet Rochester still has the highest rate of child poverty in the country and 3rd overall.

Supporting Green Party candidates is the imperative. 

The media will distract us with meaningless numbers on how much money the corporate parties have accepted from their masters.A cartoon of a lot of little green fish coming together to eat a large red and blue fish  That is supposed to mean only they can be elected.  You’ll hear about the thousands of registered Democrats versus the thousands of registered Republicans.  But all that is meaningless.  The only thing that counts is that each individual voter puts people before party.  If you choose to vote for someone on the basis of what you’re told is “electable” you are perpetuating the system we have had for decades. The lesser of two evils has only given us evil.

Putting Brian White in office will not solve all of society’s problems, but it will be that pebble that starts the avalanche.   So how can you help make this happen?

*Donate – We’re not looking to match the $300,000 in Rich Funke’s coffers.  We need enough for lawn signs, volunteer t-shirts, pay for our campaign website, and such.  There are no paid members of the Brian White for Senate team. 

*Social Media – It’s a mixed bag.  We know that algorithms tend to negate those who stand for change.  But if enough people share posts & tweets and like Instagram pictures we can overcome these barriers.  Show people you’re supporting Brian.  Together, we can create the groundswell we need to negate the corporate parties’ effort to stifle us.  You can start by sharing this very post.

*Word of Mouth – Talk politics.  Don’t be shy.  You don’t have to be obnoxious or abusive about it.  Don’t be afraid to tell people that you’re voting for Brian White and other Green candidates because we deserve better.

*Lawn Sign – Live in the 55th State Senate District?  Put out a Brian White lawn sign.  As soon as we’ve raised the money to get them printed, we’ll deliver it right to your house. 

*And most importantly – Vote for the imperative!  Vote for Brian White for State Senate on November 6th.

Help make Brian White Our Voice in Albany!

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