Follow the Money

Brian's campaign is the epitome of a grassroots campaign.  There's no campaign headquarters.  We meet in liviBrian White, a white man in a suit standing in front of a brick wallng rooms and coffee shops.  No one is getting paid (for sure).  Brian is very clear on what he sees as being wrong with our elections in New York.  If you haven't had a chance, take a look at what he will work on once elected in the Electoral Reform section of his platform. 

There's no denying it, money plays a huge role in politics, to the point where our Supreme Court says that money is speech and that corporations have the same rights as people.  We all know that this isn't true, but that's the reality of our "democracy". 

So in that spirit, we ask you to take a few minutes and check out the links below.  These are PDF files downloaded directly from the NYS Board of Elections and reposted here.  These files are the campaign financial reports from Rich Funke's last 2 years.  Pay particular attention to the reports with the words "corporate" or "other" in the title. 

This isn't our campaign smearing Funke.  He's a pretty typical politician.  Look at the Democrats in office at the State (and local) level.  It's the same thing.  That's the system.  But all the money in the world will not matter if we vote our values.  If we get away from the lesser of two evils mentality we can negate a lot of the effect money has on our political system. 

There's a lot of information below, so grab yourself a beverage and take a look at what our government has become.

2018 11 Day Pre Special Report Other

2018 32 Day Pre Special Report Individual

2018 32 Day Pre Special Report Corporate

2018 32 Day Pre Special Report Other

2018 January Report Individual

2018 January Report Corporate

2018 January Report Other

2018 January Report In-Kind

2017 July Report Individual

2017 July Report Corporate

2017 July Report Other

2017 July Report Contracts (???)

2017 January Report Other

2016 27 Day Post General Other

2016 11 Day Pre General Individual

2016 11 Day Pre General Corporate

2016 11 Day Pre General Other

2016 32 Day Pre General Individual

2016 32 Day Pre General Corporate

2016 32 Day Pre General Other

2016 32 Day Pre General In-Kind

2016 July Report Individual

2016 July Report Corporate

2016 July Report Other

2016 July Report In-Kind

2016 July Report Contracts (???)

2016 July Report Returned Contributions

2016 January Report Individuals

2016 January Report Corporate

2016 January Report Other

2016 January Report In-Kind

2016 January Report Contracts (???)

Again, Senator Funke is just part of the machine.  And we're looking to put a wrench in the gears of that machine.  We do not need the $300,000 that he has.  We just need enough to get our message out.  Can you help?  Visit our donation page to make a contribution that will not go to things like "travel", hotels, and such. 

To contribute, go to  The link is also at the top of the page.



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