Brian White Calls on Funke to Immediately Sign onto GENDA

(Rochester, NY) -- Green Party candidate for State Senate, Brian White, called for sitting Senator, Richard Funke, to immediately co-sponsor S7010, known as the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA).  White’s call comes on the day that GENDA passed the New York Assembly for the 11th time.

“When I decided that it was time to do my civic duty by running for office, I chose to run for the State Senate because it is the body that continually holds up issues of civil rights, economic and social justice, environmental protection, and more,” White said. “Senator Funke could sign onto GENDA tomorrow and lead Republicans into the 21st Century.  But he won’t.  The Senate’s refusal to even bring the bill up for a vote is a key sign that those who control the Senate are out of touch with everyone but the President.  That is why I am getting unprecedented response to my campaign.”

The City of Rochester had to put its own GENDA law in place because the State of New York has been unable to protect transgender people through the State Human Rights Law and the hate crimes law.  This still leaves a large part the 55th District unprotected by some form of GENDA.

White added, “As a member of the local LGTB community, I’m disturbed by my representative’s refusal to do his part to protect one of the most vulnerable populations in our community.  I am looking forward to discussing this issue and many others with him in front of voters in debates and candidate forums.”

Since White’s announcement of running for office, he has announced numerous bills he would support or sponsor himself that his opponent has not, including ones for single payer health care, gun violence prevention, and food insecurity.  His campaign website can be found at

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