State Senate Candidate, Brian White, Releases Proposals for Gun Safety

State Senate Candidate, Brian White, Releases Proposals for Gun Safety

(Rochester, NY) – State Senate candidate, Brian White, released his platform plank, taking a definite side in the gun control debate.

“As a former member of the United States Navy, a resident of NYS, and an uncle to school age children, I am calling for more gun control in New York State.”

White, running to represent the Green Party in November’s election for the 55th District in the New York State Senate says he is not calling for a total ban of guns and that they do have a place in society. “As a civilian, I have many friends and family members that hunt, and have enjoyed firearms in recreational settings. I have been known to practice at firing ranges. Of course every law-abiding adult has the right to own a gun to protect themselves and their family.  But common sense as well as evidence from other countries and US states that have implemented more strict laws have shown that gun control works when done correctly.”

While White is not calling for a ban on all guns, he does acknowledge that there is no need for “assault weapons” and has vowed to work on getting rid of those in New York State.  Closing loopholes for private gun sales and gun shows as well as identifiable etchings on ammunition casings are also on White’s agenda for gun safety.

This is Brian White’s first campaign for office.  Since 2004, he has been actively involved in fighting for the rights of people with disabilities, and is a barber at Progressive Barber Shop, the oldest shop in the city of Rochester. Brian currently lives in the South Wedge.

Visit for White’s full platform plank on gun safety.

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