Gun Violence Prevention

As a former member of the United States Navy, a resident of NYS, and an uncle to school age children, I am calling for better gun violence prevention in New York State.  I am not calling for a gun ban.  As a civilian, I have many friends and a few family members that hunt, and I have practiced at firing ranges.  Both have useful places in our society.  Every law-biding adult has the right to own a gun to protect themselves and their family.  But common sense as well as evidence from countries and US states that have implemented more strict laws have shown that gun control works when done correctly.  Therefore, as your State Senator:

I applaud Governor Cuomo’s call for the expansion of the time for background checks from 3 to 10 days.  I would even favor and extension to 14 days.  If you “need” a gun sooner, then the reason for needing that gun should be looked into. 

Loopholes should be closed for private gun sales and gun shows.  There should be the same background check waiting periods in both circumstances." 

Ammunition casings (not bullets) should be etched with identifiable codes.

We should begin to work toward a state-wide prohibition on multi-shot weapons whose only purpose is to kill people.

Anyone who owns a gun must carry insurance, much like driving a car, flying, being a medical professional. If you have the ability to kill someone quickly you should have to be insured. 

I invite your feedback below.


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